Hårkan & Långan Jakt och Fiske

Hårkan & Långan Jakt och Fiske is a small-scale family business from Jämtland, Sweden, concentrating solely on activities associated with hunting and fishing.

Our ambition is to provide comfortable accommodation right next to the hunting and fishing. We have simply taken how we ourselves would like things to be when go hunting and fishing and used that as our starting point – and it seems to correspond to what other people want too; we know this because many people return to our hunting grounds and fishing waters year after year.

The company is based in the little village of Kallsta, strategically situated between the twin rivers of Hårkan and Långan

This is where you will be welcomed and given the key to your cabin, which we also hope will be the key that opens the door to many wonderful experiences in a landscape that has a lot to offer when it comes to hunting, fishing and wilderness. Thirty-five years behind a fly-fishing rod, fly tying bench and equally long experience of the hunting grounds makes for high-quality hunting and fishing, with accommodation in comfortable cabins by the fishing waters and on the hunting grounds. We also arrange full-board fly-fishing courses for groups.

Here you can hunt and fish in an area that has been populated since the Stone Age, thanks to its rich supply of fish and game. Stone Age man chose his settlements with care and access to fish and game was decisive. The traces that remain in the landscape around Hårkan and Långan speak clearly… here they found what they were looking for. Fifty or so settlements have been localised in the area and one of the world’s densest arrangements of pitfall traps for elks can be found near Långan.

Hunting and fishing
are the obvious activities by Hårkan and Långan, but the area has much more to offer. You can also find adventure, nature and relaxation. Some of Jämtland’s foremost canoe and pony trekking companies can be found in the area.

You are welcome to contact us, for bookings or general enquiries.

Kenneth Åström Tel: +46 (0)642-300 04 or +46 (0)70-314 41 28
Address: Kallsta Gård 105, 836 92 Lit, Sweden