Hunting in Långan, Jämtland

Our Hunting Grounds Långan, Jämtland

Our grounds currently comprise about 2900 hectares for elk, beaver and small-game hunting. We also have access to a number of other areas for beaver and small-game hunting. The border of our main area runs along the beautiful wilderness river of Långan , forty or so kilometres north of Östersund, Jämtland, Sweden . The grounds are well situated with, for the area, normal populations of game.
Hunting in Långan, Jämtland, Sweden
New area from 2006 for elk and small-game hunting. Suitable for smaller groups (4-6 hunters). Basic accommodation on the grounds

Our hunts

Elk hunting in September – November, for up to twelve hunters over five days.
Small-game hunting for hare and birds during most of the autumn.
Midwinter tree-top hunting for capercaillie and blackcocks.
Beaver hunting from the middle of April until 15 May
Hunting is only available in association with accommodation. The cabins are spread out through the area; the hunt begins right outside the door or at a convenient distance from the accommodation. The roads to the cabins are private, so you can enjoy the grounds’ tranquillity

We would like to take the opportunity to thanks Persson Invest Skog AB who have made this enterprise possible; we hope for a continuing collaboration.