We call our new camp by Hårkan “Fäbodlägret” (the Shieling Camp). The cabins are old shieling cottages that were brought from a shieling in the village of Laxsjö and then rebuilt at this site, which is known locally as “Kroa”. The cabins are in the upper part of Nedre Hårkans Fvo, about 1 km from Medseleforsen, 6 km from Oxfors camp and about the same distance from Edsforsen. Hårkan flows a bit more slowly just outside the camp and there are pike, whitefish, perch, grayling and brown trout. We currently have enough room for 6-7 fishermen in Stor cabin and Gäst cabin.

Another one of the 6 cabins will be converted for four people. Food is cooked on a gas stove and there are wood-burning stoves in the cabins for providing warmth and atmosphere. There is a gas-powered fridge in Stor cabin.

The camp is perfect for fishermen, but is also a lovely place for families and those who want to relax in a calm and pleasant environment with a shieling atmosphere. Fishing clubs and other larger groups have a perfect base for fishing and other activities.

“Fäbodlägret”, as seen from the 60 m-long jetty. Furthest out on the jetty is a small platform with a table and a couple of benches.
Stor cabin and Gäst cabin.