Flyfishing in Långan, Jämtland, Sweden

Långan is a gem among the forest rivers of Norrland; it’s source is in Offerdalsfjällen. The river is relatively shallow and flows over areas rich in limestone, making it a very productive waterway with great biological diversity. The grayling is dominant, but there are also brown trout of a considerable size. In the calmer stretches there are also pike, perch and whitefish.

Nedre Långan is a typical wilderness water with a variety of rapids and calmer areas. There is almost no settlement along the river and the area is classed as being of national value. In the forests around Långan there is one of the world’s densest systems of pitfall traps. The valley has been inhabited by hunting and fishing peoples since the Stone Age, which can also be seen in the remains around the area.

Långan flows out into Indalsälven a few km west of Lit. Nedre Långans FVO begins a little way below Landösjön and stretches down to Indalsälven; 37 km of rapids and smaller falls. Some of the more well-known are Sladderforsen, Bötelsforsen, Holmforsen, Gråmäraforsen and Långforsen.

Fishing permits for nedre Långan FVO can be bought through us or via other fishing outlets in the area. Araised minimum size, 35 cm for both grayling and brown trout, as well as maximum of five fish per day, was intrduced before the 2004 season.
Flyfishing in Långan, Jämtland, Sweden

In order to describe Nedre Långan and its varying character and stretches we will take a trip from Landösjön down to where it joins Indalsälven by Litsnäset.

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A few flyfishing tips

Långan is a little special because the fish does not always show themselves; despite intensive mayfly hatching the fish can appear to be absent but then take it anyway when the right fly is presented.

Caddis flies also hatch here during certain periods, but not to the same extent as on the sister river of Hårkan. As we know, graylings often find their food near the river bottom, therefore nymphs also often work well in Långan,
Jämtland, Sweden. Common grayling flies like Red Tag, E12, Superpuppan, Ant and traditional wet fly patterns, as a rule, work well both day and night. Day fishing often provides the best results in Långan, as opposed to Hårkan where evening and night fishing are to be preferred. Several stretches are easy to wade and
Långan’s outlet into Indalsälven, seen from the north-west.

The distance between the rivers means that you can stay by one river but fish in both.

It only takes 15-20 minutes by car between the rivers; one tip is to fish in Långan in the daytime and in Hårkan during the night. You can always sleep when you get home!

If your fly case is emptying you can fill it up with us, we have any necessary equipment for hire. You can also change your ice blocks for your cool-box if you need to. We’ll be there if you want tips and advice or just a bit fishing chat – just come to the farm in Kallsta and we’ll fix things.
flyfishing is excellent.
Långan’s outlet into Indalsälven,
seen from the south-east.

Overview of the stretch between the road and Landsösjön.
Bötelforsen, 100 m from the camp at Bötels.