Mångan’s outflow in Hårkan

A few kilometres below Oxforsen the forest river of Mångan flows into Hårkan.
Nedre Hårkan’s FVO (Fishery Conservation Area) have carried out extensive biotope work here and even changed Mångan’s outflow in order to facilitate the brown trout’s migration. Extensive introductions of eyed eggs have been done in the river and massive setting out of stones has created new sites both for grayling and brown trout. The stretch is easily accessible and a number of picnic sites make this area well-visited and popular with families. Varying depths and great “grayling holes” make this an exciting stretch for the fly-fisherman.

Other fine stretches downstream of Mångan are Framstensöra, Brattstan, Kalven, Prisgårdsbryggan, Hammaren, Finnsvågen and Husholmen. The access roads are signed and there is vehicle access all the way to the river. Several places have wind shelters and toilets.
The stretch is several kilometres long and there are wonderful fishing spots one after the other. The river changes between deep, slow-flowing pools and faster waters, before finally joining the river of Indalsälven.